Chris Colfer is my religion.


looking pissed as he sends blaine to sit somewhere else

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Shifted some stuff. I think Chris would approve. :)

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Chris Colfer + diet coke

@ DietCokeUS: Thanks for following back! We keep hearing about what a great pair we make. #stayextraordinary

@ chriscolfer: You are the Thelma to my Louise!

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fanboy Colfer is so cute

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Jesus fucking Christ and his sister,
I don’t want a ‘baby Darren’ post being the first thing i see in the Chris Colfer tag.
I don’t want to see it at all!!

Where in that fucking post do i see anything about Chris? Where?
So why the fuck do you tag it with Chris? Or Kurt Hummel! We don’t want that shit in the Chris Colfertag!!
And it’s not like you assholes don’t know how to tag because you assholes do always tag your once-a-year-post-about-chris with just Chris Colfer.

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looking pissed at “the untitled mary halloran project” script

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Christopher P. Colfer


where “P” stands for “Perfection”.

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Strike a pose. Vogue.

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