Chris Colfer is my religion.

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Why does this look so much dirtier when turned this way? 😳 😱

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And you’ll find out she obviously has crappy taste, to pick Blaine over Kurt.

Kurt is willing to share his opportunities, but Blaine doesn’t. How is that fair. Kurt wants stardom and a  career as well. Blaine is just selfish and once again steals from Kurt. Couldn’t Blaine have said he and Kurt are a team, then maybe someone else might have given Kurt an opportunity. But of course Blaine can’t have that, because he doesn’t know how to share and does not want to.

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Would it be super petty to trend something anti-Blaine next week when, despite his ordinariness and inferiority, he’s somehow succeeding above Kurt again? ‘Should Have Been Kurt’ or something?


Can we maybe do this the day after? I don’t want us to contribute to the Nielsen ratings to make it seem like we actually still care about this show. (Twitter mentions contribute)

Oh actually good point. We want the full impact of a massive spike for 5x19. After’s probably best. I was going to say before but if there’s a retaliation on the day we don’t want that either. Unless we do it on the day but chuck in a #TheVoice or something. How does the twitter thing even work?

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Still a better boyfriend than Blaine

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parenting done right

Never not reblog Morticia Addams

I love the expression on her face in the last one. “Can you believe she was going to use such a small blade?”

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"It literally was Bring Your Swords To Work Day."

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Kurt Hummel (S4) colors

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