Chris Colfer is my religion.


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7/23/14 - Grant liked Colfer’s pic on Instagram

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Hot in Cleveland [517] DL-links


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Hot In Cleveland Streaming/Download links

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Anonymous asked:

"cake scene? can you explain? (:"


ok so u know how in the episode that aired tonight„„after they almost kissed each other and then the other guy said he would change etc etc and then they cut to Tony talking to him mom about everything in the backyard? well when i went to the taping for this, after tony called off the kiss and the guy tried to get him to change his mind, Tony like totally came out to his mom that he wasn’t gay that he was just afraid to tell her so he went a long with it… i can’t remember the whole dialogue but it was this big long confession to everyone in the bar/diner area. And then his mom was like “oh, so i guess its not time for cake then?” and she has this like terrified/disappointed face because she bought this cake for tony and his partner…  so then this HUGE ass cake is rolled out into the diner area and this guy is in it because he was going to pop out of it to wish the happy couple on getting married. it was this big elaborate scene that they put together and filmed over like 5 or 6 times to get it right and man, the dialogue that was put into Tonys confession to his mom was amazing and the dialogue for the cake scene was seriously hilarious. but they cut it and i think i would of made more sense and made the flow from the diner scene to the backyard scene myself but eh.. guess some things weren’t meant to be for the episode. /;

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They want you to kiss.
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Amazing Chris! <3

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